UV High Pressure Mercury Lamp

Ultraviolet High Pressure Mercury Lamp, also known as UV curing lamp, belongs to high intensity discharge lamp. The envelope uses the quality imported quartz tube with high transmissible capability in UV radiation.

The lamp has strong radiation at wavelength 365nm with high power density and effective curing ability.  The inner mercury vapor pressure within envelope can reach to 1.5 atmospheres while operating.  The average life is around 1000 hours.  To enable the lamp to ignite, high initial voltage peak is reached by magnetic transformer.  Then a high power factor current is supplied by harmonic wave produced by a series of inductors and capacitors.  The power factor can reach up to 0.95 with minimum waste of energy.

The instant curing of UV inks and coatings in use today is a newly developed technology as it has benefits of instant drying, energy and space saving, as well as less pollution.  The unique radiation characteristics and better field applicability has set our UV curing lamp as standard make others to follow. 

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