Metal Halide Lamp (Double Ended)


1. compact arc metal halide lamps
2. high luminous efficacy
3. excellent colour characteristics
4. special heatproof bond between bulb and  caps
5. suitable for magnetic ballast and electric ballast
6. run-up time is 3 minutes 


1. this lamp with high internal working pressure
must be installed in closed luminaires

2. the luminaire lenses must block a considerable amount of ultra-violet radiated by this lamp, and no radiation must be spilled through ventilation slots.

3. Hot re-ignition is possible with a high voltage peak. 


Indoor and outdoor colour television
Indoor and outdoor filming
Theatre stages
Overhead projectors
Disco lighting

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MHK 250/2

Replace for HTI 250/D5/80

MHK 300

Replace for HTI 300/D5/65, HMQ300

MHK 400/2 D3

Replace for MSR 400/2 SA/DE, HTI 400/D3/75, HMQ400

MHK 575

Replace for MSI 575, HMI 575/GS, HMQ575

MHK 575/D4

Replace for MSR 575 SA/DE, HTI 575/D4/60, HMQ575/D4

MHK 575 D5

Replace for HTI 575/D5/56

MHK 575/2

Replace for HMI 575/DXS, HMQ575/2

MHK 575/2 D4

Replace for MSR 575/2 SA/DE, HTI 575/D4/75, HMQ575/2 D4

MHK 575/2 D5

Replace for HTI 575/D5/75

MHK 700

Replace for MSR 700 SA/DE, HTI 700/D4/60, HMQ700

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